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How is your practice performing? What is its true potential? What stands between you and your goals? At Benchmarks Financial, we’re a different kind of accounting firm. We’re about more than accurate financials… we’re about helping you run a smarter practice. Our one-of-a-kind reporting allows you to quickly and easily understand the financial side of your practice and make sound business decisions. Our expert bookkeeping keeps you prepared for equipment loans and protected from fraud.

Best yet, at Benchmarks, you won’t find a bunch of stuffy accountants using complicated methods to charge complicated fees. We’re about great results and great relationships. And it’s as simple as that.

Discover what it means to have true financial peace of mind and security. Discover Benchmarks Financial Group.

$250,000 Saved

Last year alone, we saved one of our clients over $250,000 and helped them implement changes in the practice to reduce spending, allowing them to take more home and have more cash cushion in the bank.

We deliver an active accounting service by tracking and reporting hybrid data from your PMS system as well as your checkbook, connecting your cash in the bank to your practice’s statistics. This hybrid reporting identifies areas of strength in the practice as well as areas that need attention allowing you to make fact-based decisions instead of using feelings and guesswork.

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Our Process

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Our Process
read-only account access

We establish “read only” account access with your bank account(s) and credit card account(s) and use your log in for other vendors.

recorded payroll

We establish “read only” account access with your bank account(s) and credit card account(s) and use your log in for other vendors.


Practice Management (PMS) reports are either sent directly to us by a qualified staff member (we send reminders) or we use VPN access to your servers.

we track your loans

We track your loans, accurately record income and expenses, and send you easy-to-read Benchmarks reports displaying your current financials, debt progress and practice performance vs. your outlined goals.

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"Knowledgable, thorough, adaptable, and excellent with communication."

~ Jeff Grove, DDS

"It is so nice to have this level of clarity."

~ Jason Sala, DDS

"Their experience at this level is priceless."

~ William Chen, DDS

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